Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the price of a Trails and Tails Doodle puppy?

All of our puppies are $2,500.

Where is Trails and Tails Doodles located?

We are located 26 miles west of Boise Idaho on a 2 acre mini farm outside of Caldwell.

Are your adult/parent dogs health tested?

Yes, we DNA test our parent dogs using Embark. We also test heart, eyes and hips through OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) at West Vet in Boise Idaho.

What qualification do you, Diane Hawkes, have in raising dogs?

This will be my fourth year of raising Goldendoodles. Even though I only raise about 4 litter of pups each year, I feel I have a broad range of animal experience. I was raised in Wyoming on a large cattle, sheep and horse ranch. I spent 23 years of my married life breeding and raising alpacas. I have also raised heirloom chickens, meat rabbits, and goats!

Do we socialize your puppies?

Starting at day 3 we use the Early Neurological Stimulation Therapy. I am blessed to have 16 grandchildren and they help me frequently to hold, play with and interact with the puppies. I also introduce new toys, noises, music and objects to the pups daily each week.

Do you encourage early spaying and neutering?

No, I do not. The sex organs that are being removed are vital to proper growth, long term health and development of your dog. There are some very good YouTube videos from veterinarians on the effects of Spaying and Neutering dogs at an early age.

The closer your dog gets to one year of age before having it spayed or neutered will have the 2ND best outcome for your dog’s long term health.

You have to be a responsible owner and not allow your dog to run free and mate with another dog. A female dog can have a partial spaying, which your vet would know how to perform, this allows her to continue to have her hormones to help her stay healthy for the rest of her life. YOU WILL HAVE TO ASK FOR THIS PROCEDURE.

What kind of doodles do you breed?

We produce both F1B Aussiedoodles and F1B Goldendoodles. We produce F1B’s by taking a F1 doodle and mating her with an unrelated Poodle, this mating produces the F1B’s which are about 75% Poodle. Our doodles are all mini doodles since I usually breed my females with a smaller male, this being Rio, my red Moyen Poodle stud. I do not get into the Multi-Generational Doodles.

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