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star Ruth “Ruth is a fantastic puppy! She has beautiful coat and colorful markings. Whenever we go, people always comment on what a beautiful dog she is. She also has the best personality. She is so playful, loves to explore and is quick to learn manners and tricks. I can't imagine my life without my sweet baby Ruth! Thank you Diane for breeding and raising such amazing aussiedoodle puppies!” - M. Getto

star Charlie “Getting this little nugget was the best decision I have made yet. I decided I needed a dog on a Tuesday, found Diane that day and had put down a deposit by Saturday. Within the next week Diane FaceTimed me and I picked out the little puppy Charlie. She is quite possibly one of the happiest puppies in Missoula, and she loves every human and dog she comes along. Charlie has quite the personality, you can tell she's smart but there is always a little sass present, but I wouldn't have it any other way. At least once a week I have people asking me what breeder she's from because they want their own Charlie.” - Morgan K.

star Spud “We are beyond grateful that our search for a red, mini Goldendoodle led us to Diane and Tails & Trials Doodles! Our Idaho-born Spud has completed our family. He is smart, spunky, affectionate, playful, loyal and quick to learn - in short, everything one would want in a dog. Since his grandparents met up with Diane at the Boise airport to bring him home to us in California, Spud truly has been the "toast of the town". He loves meeting new people and dogs alike (and of all ages). It was the testimonials from other owners of Diane's pups that first tugged at our hearts, and we can only echo those glowing comments in describing our experience working with her. Diane is an absolute gem, just like her gorgeous dogs. The care and love she bestows on them before they go to their forever homes was evident in all of our communications with her, and certainly in how our Spud has behaved since joining us. In short, he has adapted seamlessly to life in our home, from his very first night here. He took to his crate immediately, has no issues being cuddled vigorously (especially by our 5 year-old), loves his baths, and is a hearty eater. Thank you so much, Diane, for bringing our "sweet potato" into our lives!” - Sara P.

star Cash “Cash has been an absolute delight to me and my whole family. He provides constant entertainment and is a source of pure joy! Diane provided some really good reading material, before I picked up my puppy and it has been so valuable in the training process! He is a super smart puppy, so training him has been easy. He was crate trained in 3 very easy days and in 4 weeks he is potty trained as well. I can count on one hand the number of accidents he had during his potty training and if there was an accident it was usually because I let him go too long between visits to the yard - my fault. Diane is a very responsible and ethical breeder and loves her dogs and puppies and its reflected in their dispositions, blood lines and intelligence. When you get a puppy from Diane the training has already started, as well as exceptional love and care. Diane continues to be a source of support and very valuable information well after I picked up my sweet Cash. I am thrilled with my new little family member and can't say enough about Diane as a breeder - she is fabulous!” - Jody S.

star Ollie “Where to even begin with this all... we have been searching for a mini Goldendoodle for a long time now and so fortunate to have came across Diane. She has been phenomenal with absolutely everything. We loved how she posted weekly videos of the puppies. Which allowed us to be able to see and watch the puppies grow. It was something we looked forward every Monday. She was extremely informative and punctual. Any questions we had, she would always respond quickly. I love how she sincerely cares where the puppies are going home to and she is so genuine and very kind. We came from Seattle, WA and drove all the way there to pick and choose the puppy. It definitely was worth the drive. Ollie has made our home feel so complete and has brought us so much joy. We don't know how we have been without him all this time. Ollie is so playful, friendly and well loved. He brings us so much light and love to our lives and we absolutely adore him. We can not thank Diane enough for giving us the opportunity to get one of her puppies. She is so amazing and so knowledgeable. We feel so blessed to have a new addition to our family and see our family grow.” - Jacky K.

star Meli “We are very pleased with our new goldendoodle puppy (Meli) and greatly appreciate the care and support you provided us during the process. You genuinely care deeply for the puppies you breed and gave us strong confidence that we choose the right breeder. You took extra time during our selection process by answering our questions and giving us good advice. We have owned several puppies over the years and this has been our best experience.” - Jeff & Carol F.

star Annie “In early August 2019, we drove to Trails & Tails Doodles, located in Caldwell, ID to choose our new puppy from Ginger and Rio's litter of F1b mini goldendoodle puppies. From start to finish, purchasing a puppy from Diane Hawkes, owner of Trails & Tails Doodles, was a pleasure. Diane is a delightful person who is extremely knowledgeable about puppies and puppy care. I had many questions throughout this transaction to purchase a puppy. Diane took the time to answer my emails or personally call me to talk through any concerns and questions I had. Our new puppy, Annie, is a healthy, energetic and happy little pup. She is very smart, observant and is learning very quickly. Annie is playful with our four year old Lhasapoo, Max and is the perfect addition to our family. I would recommend, without reservation, buying a puppy from Diane at Trails and Tails Doodles.” - Cherril & Bill L.

star Rita “Rita is in great health and is very smart. She is extremely responsive to training and very well-mannered. She is energetic, playful and engaging with people and dogs alike. Diane does a great job of raising her litters. She takes a lot of pride in making sure they are healthy as well as that each puppy ends up with a caring and loving family. I would add that if anyone is looking for this breed of dog, you would love Diane's dogs! We love the dog to death! A great looking breed with great personality.” - Jackson M.

star Nola “At first I was a little hesitate about the purchase process, this was going to be our 1st family pup! It was a pleasure working with Diane. The purchase process and Nola being shipped all the way to California was a smooth process. Like others have mentioned, Diane was extremely communicative (both before and after purchase) she helped with questions we had as first time puppy owners. Our Nola was quick to learn to sit and shake! Nola is very friendly and far from a guard dog! She welcomes anyone that is in her company! Nola is almost a year old and weighs about 25lbs. Nola is very social and loves to play. We could not have asked for a better puppy... Thank you again for everything Diane! We love Nola!” - Stella S.

star Finn “We were beyond thrilled to welcome Finn into our home a few months back. He is sweet, smart, and the perfect addition to our family. We have gone through this process several times in our lives, but working with Diane at Trails and Tails was an absolute pleasure. It is rare to find someone in this business who wants to talk to you on the phone, answer questions, and communicate as readily as Diane does. We knew this was the right fit the first time we spoke with her on the phone, and this was reinforced throughout the entire process. Even after we took him home we got text messages making sure we were doing ok and tips for training and settling in. We were able to view the puppies each week via the fantastic videos that Diane does, and also able to visit the puppies a few times before bringing Finn home. This made all the difference in feeling like we were getting the perfect fit for our family. Our little guy's color, size and temperament have all developed just as Diane said they would, and we could not be more steadfast in our recommendation for working with Diane to find the perfect goldendoodle to anyone looking for a new family member. Thank you Diane for the amazing Finn and the dedication you have to ensuring these little creatures find their forever families.” - Erik & Jenni J.

star Scarlett “You have found the best breeder! After emailing Diane and asking for more information about Ginger's litter we talked on the phone for a while. I felt a real connection with her. I liked the fact that she was really trying to make sure her puppies were a good fit and were going to good homes. She kept us informed about the pups weekly. I looked forward to Movie Mondays :). Our puppy Scarlett, has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Scarlett is sweet, beautiful and smart. Thanks again for all that you did when answering questions from the beginning. You made the process very simple. We will definitely want another doodle from you in the future. Thank you so so much!” - Brenda & Jamie V.

star Piper “I stumbled upon Trails & Tails, a Goldendoodle website while searching for a red goldendoodle puppy this past year. I had the pleasure of talking with Diane and sharing with her what I was looking for in a puppy. I was able to view a you tube video showcasing her doodles and I instantly fell in love with them. Diane was very knowledgeable with the Goldendoodle breed and answered all of my questions. I also was able to reach her on a daily basis with any of my concerns or questions. I was very happy to hear she breeds for temperment, obtained genetic testing and health screenings as that was of major importance to me. She truly loves and has so much compassion for the Goldendoodle breed and it definitely shows in her puppies. Once I chose my puppy I opted to meet Diane in Idaho to pick her up. Diane made everything so easy and stress free for me. I would highly recommend Trails and Tails if your looking for a reputable breeder that specializes in quality puppies and quality service.” - Susie W.

star Ruby “Our yellow girl, Ruby, has been the missing part of our family. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Diane at Trails & Tails Doodles. We didn't get just any dog, and we didn't just work with any breeder. Diane is so amazing with her kind and loving relationship she has with families and her dogs. She truly wants what you want, a good home and and extra special dog. Our Ruby has done a lot of traveling and camping from the time we got her. She travels well and even at an early age did well with potty training. We have two children who adore her, and they all play well together. Ruby is a mellow puppy. We get compliments all the time on her behavior and her sweet demeanor. When I read the other testimonials, I feel the same as others do. I would highly recommend Trails & Tails Doodles. You would know your dog was loved as much as you do! Thanks Diane for helping us find who was missing in our family, Ruby!” - Troy & Leslie K.

star Nash “I cannot begin to tell you how amazing our experience with Trails & Tails Doodles has been and continues to be! We had been looking for a little boy Goldendoodle for a while! A deal fell through with a breeder in Utah and we had looked and looked in Idaho for a breeder that had the mini size and dark red color that we wanted but just couldn't seem to find them anywhere! With a prayer and one last google search we found him! He was the last little male available and he is absolutely perfect! He is so fluffy, has a great appetite, and has been so easy to train! I had a ton of questions and we wanted to come and see him before we brought him home and Diane was open to all of it! Making our family feel so welcome and always going above and beyond giving training advice, texting us to see how we have been doing, all the way down to the little tag on his take home bag that said “little boy white I hope you have a good life”! She truly cares about her puppies and their parents and made our experience with her great! We would highly recommend her and her puppies! Thank you so much for our little Nash! He is truly going to be treasured.” - Y. Family

star Finnegan “It was an absolute pleasure working with Diane through the purchasing process, we're so glad we found her! She was extremely communicative (both before and after purchase), very thorough and most important - you could really tell she cares about her animals. She would post videos, pictures, and send us updates regularly and when it was time to ship our puppy from Idaho to California she took care of everything. As you can tell by browsing the website, this is NOT a puppy mill. These are some very special puppies, cared for with plenty of love right in Diane's very own backyard. Our Finnegan fit perfectly into our existing family, and absolutely adores all of our children, including our 11 year old Labrador named Bailey. He's EXTREMELY intelligent, well-mannered, and healthy. He learned to sit, shake, stay and lay down in just a few hours - it was amazing! He's now just over 8 months old, weighs in at 60+ pounds and is super social and active. We could not have asked for a better dog... Thank you for everything Diane!” - Marce & Shaina G.

star Zimmy “We can't begin to tell you how much we love our amazing puppy! Jeff said his 1800 mile, 3 day trip to Boise to pick him up was well worth it. He was easy to travel with, and good company on the way home. This little puppy was obviously well cared for and loved before we ever set eyes on him. He is by far the happiest, easiest puppy we have ever had...and we've had many! He was responding to "sit" on day one, and he has not had one "accident" inside. And the real miracle...he doesn't request to go outside during the night. Such an easy puppy to train, and so eager to please. And did I mention...after many golden retrievers...NO FUR BALLS rolling around the house and NO HAIR clinging to my black pants! We would recommend Trails & Tails Doodles to anyone and everyone looking for a sweet, loveable goldendoodle. Happy Trails & Tails to you!” - Jeff & Lori L.

star Cheddar “In searching to find a mini goldendoodle to add to our family, we found Diane and Trails & Tails Doodles. Her website immediately caught my eye because I loved all of the video updates and info she provided about the puppies. We initially were searching for breeders around our home in Northern CA, but as I read up more and more about how vital the first 12 weeks are to a puppy's personality and temperament, we knew we wanted a breeder who was loving and nurturing to our puppy since most of those first 12 weeks would be spent with her. We found that with Diane. She was willing to provide us a lot of initial information and continuing support, she answered all of our questions, and I just felt the environment the puppies are raised in at her home is so warm and positive. When we met to get our little Cheddar, she provided me with some basic supplies and information for our pup and as soon as I saw him, I just knew we made the right choice. He is so playful and loving and incredibly smart. All of our friends just can't believe what a good dog he is and he takes to training very well. We are just loving having him in our lives and are grateful to Diane for her care of our sweet boy!” - Ariel & Nate V.

star Ellie “We are enjoying life with our new puppy, Ellie. She is so smart! She has learned to sit, stay, come, crate, can ring a bell to go outside, and has just started learning to walk on a leash. She's quite a little character and loves snuggling and our feet. We are very much in love! We are very happy we chose to buy through Trails & Tails Doodles. Your love for the puppies was clear as we read through your website and was confirmed when we met you to pick up Ellie. You seem to really know a lot about breeding good quality and happy puppies. We loved that you did movie Mondays and even though we purchased our puppy last minute, it was fun to go back through your videos and see the puppies grow. The puppy care tips on your website have been very helpful and the dog training book you gave us has been a great read. We have felt very supported by you throughout this process, both before we picked up our puppy and after as we raise her. We would highly recommend you as a breeder and cannot think of a single thing we would change or suggest differently!” - Kameron & Rachel Y.

star Kauai “We have enjoyed our experience of becoming parents of a Goldendoodle puppy from Trails & Tails Doodles. We can tell how much time Diane spends with her puppies by how our Kauai acts. Diane is a very devoted breeder. Kauai is a beautiful color. He doesn't bark a lot; which we were very pleased about. Kauai is quite mellow and just a sweet boy. He is quite content to just be near us. He also loves to be outside. We especially enjoyed being able to follow, on the website, his progression from birth until being delivered into our hands. It was great to see weekly updates on the puppies and then the individual videos of each of the puppies. We would highly recommend Trails & Tails Doodles to anyone looking for a Goldendoodle puppy. Diane is great to work with and was always available to answer questions, both before and after delivery of our Kauai to our home.” - Jay & Diane V.

star Rocco “Rocco is our first family dog and bringing him home was a big decision for us to make. Diane was there every moment of the process with guidance, advice, and support. We were welcomed into her home to interact with the puppies on more than one occasion and it was very reassuring to see the beautiful, clean, loving environment that the puppies were being bred in. Diane has so much love for her dogs as well as the puppies she is raising and this was evident for us with every interaction. Our Rocco is a fun, sweet, smart, well socialized puppy. He has a wonderful demeanor and is learning so quickly! He is not shy or scared around other people, and welcomes new experiences. Diane continues to be there for us with advice as we encounter the normal challenges of having a new puppy. I would absolutely send family and friends to Trails & Tails Doodles for their new family pet without hesitation.” - Heather G.

star Daisy “I just want to say thank you for making this whole experience so positive. It truly has been a pleasure from start to finish buying a puppy from you. I had been researching Goldendoodles and breeders online for the past two years...trying to find someone reputable and trustworthy to provide me with the puppy of my dreams. When I came across your website and saw pictures of the quality dogs you breed, I was thrilled to discover you had a litter of mini reds that were just born. I knew it was meant to be and I can honestly say it was one of those times when "you just know." From the minute my family picked her up to bring her to me in CA, she has been nothing but happy, confident, and well behaved. Miss Daisy is the perfect puppy! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her great disposition and wonderful temperament. Who knew an 8 week old puppy could be so good?! I will send you periodic updates and pictures of Daisy and I as we navigate through her puppyhood and adult years. She and I start Kinder-Puppy classes next month, and I am confident she will be at the top of her class. I could not have asked for a better dog. Thanks again, Diane. Here are some pictures from this first week together.” - Jasmine F.

star Monty “I cannot recommend Trails & Tails Doodles and Diane enough! After months and months of research on doodles and breeders, I talked with Diane and it just felt right, it clicked for me that she was the breeder I needed to go with. Diane took a lot of time educating us about the process and making sure Monty was the right fit. She has gone above and beyond as a breeder making sure he is being well taken care of in his new home, even months after he’s been home. Monty is so smart! He’s never had any accidents in his crate ever and he’s the sweetest pup. We drove from Boise to Seattle to take Monty home and he was an angel in the car the whole car ride. I continue to recommend Diane to anyone looking for a doodle and if we do ever get a second pup we’ll for sure be going back to Trails & Tails Doodles.” - Kate & Adam C.

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